General Info:

    We release Major releases every third month. We try to deploy new releases on the 27th of every third month
    Security Updates and smaller bug patches are released continuously without any delays into production

Release Date Release Name
2019-01-02 Beta Release
2019-03-27 Zero-One
2019-06-27 Second
2019-09-27 Firo Solutions turns 2 years old!
2020-02-21 Lightning
2020-01-10 IX
2020-03-27 X

Release Info:

Beta Release was released into the public

Zero One Release
  • Faster implementation and indexing of NodeJS libraries
  • Leaving Beta stage and a payed version will be released
  • Faster implementation and indexing of Rust Libraries
  • Volume of active vulnerabilities being handled increased by a large percent
  • More updates and vulnerability indexed, sources that are being added are: Void linux, Qubes, DragonFly BSD
  • Several smaller fine tuning to Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla modules/plugins indexing
  • Russia language supported in the web interface
  • Faster SUSE Linux kernel patches indexing

  • All beta features will be migrated and replaced
  • Scriptable goodies
  • API updates
  • Rust and NodeJS library

  • More vulnerabilities indexed
  • Sign in/up with slack, github and twitter
  • We are more active on our blog! sharing what we index
  • PSD2 compliant
  • Several backend improvments
  • Less false positives for production
  • Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal core version update support

  • Faster Webinterface
  • Faster Watcher indexing
  • Faster sign in
  • More vulnerabilities indexed
  • Unique vulnerabilities only added - No more duplicates
  • Release info being shown when mouse hovering over release name
  • Affiliate marketing program is avaliable for everyone and is linked from the dashboard

  • No information has made public about this release