Circle without Vulnerability Management

Without Vulnerability Management Circle
Without Vulnerability Management it's close to impossible to keep track of 
all vulnerabilities that gets
released that are affecting your infrastructure 

Circle of Vulnerability Management:

With Vulnerability Mangement Circle
With Vulnerability Management the Circle never gets round and you
will have an overview of all Vulnerabilities that affect your system 
seconds after they get released to the public

Our Solution Works like this:
[0]: You signup for an account 
[1]: You create a Watcher profile based on your needs
[2]: When a vulnerability Gets released that is affecting your 
systems you will get an email from us with information on how to approach the issue
You are now ready to get started with Vulnerability Management
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Firo Solutions LTD

What is Firo Solutions?
its a dream, its a force, its the vulnerability management company

Why Firo Solutions?
Firo Solutions was started because we saw an demand for something that did not exist
A pure Software as a Service, Easy to use, not over priced Solution for Vulnerability Management

Where is Firo Solutions?
We have our headquarter in england and are also operating in Sweden and Romania.
We accept customers from all countries on earth.
info and then the character that looks like an A firosolutions dot com

Contact informatino:
Sweden:		se at
Romania:	ro at
England:	uk at
General information:	info at