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Vulnerability Management

We are the creator and innovators of Vulnerability Management. Being the First in the World to create and develop the Watcher Technology. We are dedicating all of our time to develop the ultimate platform tailor made for a large amount of systems. Read more here

Firo Solutions

Driven by AI

Using Artificial intelligence we are able to provide a nonstop world leading Vulnerabililty platform that is suitable for a wide range of Software.

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Firo Solutions

Cost effective Security

We offer top of the line Vulnerability Management for continuous security. Pay only for what you use and customize in the way you seem fit.

Firo Solutions Inventors of Watcher Technology™

It's simple, we index the largest amount of security vulnerabilities on earth and if your custom created profile is affected by a new security vulnerability we will notify you in real time

Firo Solutions

Vulnerability Management Keep Your System Secure

Stay one step a head of all exploit scanners and vulnerabilities. Protect your site and services from being abused by botnets and similar activity. This is the most cost-effective protection you can get for your it-infrastructure. You can monitor and stay on step ahead in Security no matter if your a nontechnical person just running a blog or a Company with any size of the network.

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Protect Your Data

Don't let the front door stay unlocked. In a world where computers get compromised every single second. You need to stay up to date with the latest information. You need Firo Solutions

Lock of Vulnerability

Developer and user Friendly

We offer an easy to use interface for the average user as well as an api for developers and security aficionados. And of course we are on Github

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